Washington Tax Filing

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File Your Taxes in Washington

Filing taxes can be frustrating, but Washington makes it easy.

Washington does not charge any state income taxes, but you are still required to file a federal income tax return by April 15.

Washington may also require you pay taxes on goods purchased out of state (use tax). Washington also levies property taxes as well as business and occupation taxes.

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Washington Tax Forms

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Washington Taxes

Washington does not tax its residents on their income, but it does tax businesses and corporations as well as franchises. And just because you don’t pay state income taxes in Washington, don’t think you aren’t paying taxes. Washington has one of the highest sales tax rates in the nation at 6.8%. Especially on tobacco products, alcohol and gasoline. In addition, counties and cities are also allowed to charge their won sales taxes, so you end up paying between 8.5% and 10% when all is said and done. Property in Washington may also be subject to taxes.

Property Taxes in Washington

Unless your personal property and real property is not exempted by the state tax laws, you are required to pay property taxes. Most individual personal property is tax-exempt but check the Washington State Department of Revenue website to make sure.

Use Tax

Washington, like most states, charges a sales tax at the point of purchase. If you purchase goods out of state, you may be required to pay a use tax to Washington. If the goods were purchased in a state that doesn’t have sales tax or the sales tax is lower than Washington’s, you are required to pay a use tax on those goods. Purchases made online or from a mail order catalog usually include Washington’s sales tax, but be sure to check the invoices. If you purchase real property and acquire personal property, that personal property is subject to the use tax.

To pay your use tax, go to your local taxing authority website and find out the rate for your location. You can then either file online or fill out and send the Consumer Use Tax Return Form available on the Washington State Department of Revenue website.

Business & Occupation Tax

Washington charges businesses and corporations a special tax commonly called the B&O tax. It is a gross receipts tax, measured on the value of products, gross proceeds of sale or the gross income made by the business.

Since Washington doesn’t charge income tax, the B&O tax is based on the gross income which means no deductions for materials, labor, taxes or other business costs may be applied. There are a few credits that you can claim under special circumstances.

To file your B&O tax, use the excise tax return or you can e-file.

To find out what your B&O tax liability is, check the Washington State Department of Revenue website