South Dakota Tax Filing

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Filing Your Taxes in South Dakota

South Dakota makes doing taxes easy - by simply not taxing their residents. It is one of seven U.S. states that does not levy taxes on personal or corporate income taxes.

You are still required to file a federal return by April 15.

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South Dakota Tax Forms

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South Dakota Taxes

The battle surrounding state income tax in South Dakota has always been a heated one. The last time someone tried to implement one in 1970, it failed by only one vote.

South Dakota collects most of its taxes by charging a 4% flat sales tax on all purchases, in some areas 6%. The state does not tax income from wages, businesses, corporations, inheritance or intangible personal property. It also levies a corporate income tax on financial institutions that makes up a significant portion of the state’s revenue.

Despite not levying income taxes, South Dakota rates 48th in the nation with one of the lowest local tax burdens (approx. 7.6%) and it appears to be getting even lower. South Dakota also ranked number 1 in 2011 as having the most business-friendly tax climate in the U.S.

That having been said, South Dakota ranks 8th in the nation for federal burdens and expenditures. So they are receiving a hefty sum from the fed each year.

For more information on South Dakota taxes, go to the South Dakota Department of Revenue and Regulation website.