Nevada Tax Filing

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Filing Your Nevada Taxes

Nevada makes filing taxes as easy as 1… that’s it. No 2 and no 3. Nevada is one of seven states in the U.S. that doesn’t charge income taxes of any kind on personal or corporate income since they generate the revenue the state needs from sales taxes.

Nevada residents are required to file a federal income tax return by April 15.

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Nevada Tax Forms

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Taxes in Nevada

Nevada doesn’t charge personal income tax or corporate income tax, but you may be subject to property taxes or use taxes. How do they afford it? What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Gaming and revenue from sales taxes are all Nevada needs to keep the state running. Nevada charges fairly heavy taxes on all gaming activities and millions of people come to Nevada and hit the slots. Those people also buy souvenirs, food, pay for lodgings and are charged sales taxes that the State of Nevada benefits from.

Nevada is also the marriage and divorce capital of the U.S. Revenue from marriage certificates (and the bride’s bouquet!) also contribute to Nevada’s income.

So if you live in Nevada, convince a friend to come and ski, gamble and get married while they visit you and keep Nevada income-tax free!

Property Tax

Usually taxes on Nevada property sales are collected at the time of the sale and transfer of the deed. They are billed by the local county assessor or treasurer.

Use Tax

If you purchased goods in a state that does not charge sales tax or the sales tax is less than Nevada’s you are required to pay a use tax on those goods in Nevada. Use tax is imposed on tangible property used or consumed in the State of Nevada. If you purchased property outside of Nevada that was not subject to sales tax, that property is also subject to use tax.

Goods purchased online, via mail order or on the phone from any out of state vendor are also subject to the use tax if sales tax was not charged by the seller at the time of purchase.