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File Your Taxes in Alaska

Alaska is one of seven U.S. states that doesn’t tax its residents on their income. You might even qualify for free money from the state just for living there!

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Alaska Tax Forms

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Taxes in Alaska

If you live in Alaska, you probably know that you are in heaven. A fiscal heaven, that is. Not only you do you not need to pay any income taxes, but the state of Alaska makes payments to all it residents. Alaska is also one of the only states that doesn’t charge a sales tax.

In 1980, Alaska realized that they were making plenty of money from oil revenue and they wanted to lower the income taxes for their residents. When the Libertarian Party made a motion to get rid of it entirely, the rest of the legislature paid heed to their constituents and passed the bill in November of 1980.

Since then, the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation, which gets most of its revenue from oil, has been able to grow and it provides the state with the money it needs to stay up and running.

Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation

Every resident of Alaska, regardless of age is eligible to claim the Permanent Fund Dividend. Where does the money come from? Well, not from the sky, even if for many, heaven should be like that. The source of the payments is the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation, which generates most of its money from oil.

To apply for the Permanent Fund Dividend, you can apply online at the State of Alaska Department of Revenue website.