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Utah Form TC-40 Packet
Utah Form TC-40 Packet 2018

Utah Individual Income Tax Return Packet Containing Most Commonly Used Forms and Instructions.

This is an individual income tax return packet that includes instructions and all the necessary forms to file individual income tax in Utah. Utah Form TC-40 Packet must be filed by all residents, including part-year residents, who are required to file a federal income tax return. Utah nonresidents, who received an income from state sources, must also file this packet.

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Utah Form TC-40
Utah Form TC-40 2018

Utah Individual Resident Income Tax Return

Utah form TC-40 is designed for state residents to report their annual income. The form features space to include your income, marital status as well as space to report any children or dependents you may have. By filling out the form, you will see whether or not you owe money to the state or if you will receive a refund. You can use Form TC-40 to amend your tax returns as well.

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Utah Form TC-40A
Utah Form TC-40A 2018

Utah Schedule A - Income Tax Supplemental Schedule

This form must be submitted by individuals to declare any additions or subtractions to the federal income, which affects individual income tax filing. Utah Form TC-40A needs to be completed and submitted together with the Utah Individual Income Tax Return Packet.

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Utah Form TC-40B
Utah Form TC-40B 2018

Utah Individual Part-year or Non-resident Income Tax Return

Form TC-40B is the form all Utah part-year residents and nonresidents need to file their Utah tax returns. Although Form TC-40B may be supplemented by additional forms and schedules, it is required in all Utah part-year and nonresident returns.

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Utah Form TC-40S
Utah Form TC-40S 2018

Utah Credit for Taxes Paid To Another State

Form TC-40S is the form needed by any Utah resident that works in another state to avoid dual taxation on income earned in other states. The reason that an Utah resident that works in another state would face dual taxation on income they earned in other states if they failed to file Form TC-40S is that their income would be taxed by both Utah (the state of residence) and the other state (where the income was earned). Form TC-40S is a supplemental form and should be filed with Form-TC40.

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Utah Form TC-546
Utah Form TC-546 2013

Individual Income Tax Prepayment Coupon (This is NOT an extension form)

Use this form to make individual income tax prepayments toward your tax liability prior to the due date of your return. Use this form to make individual income tax prepayments toward your tax liability prior to the due date of your return. Prepayments may not be necessary if taxes are withheld (W-2, TC-675 R, etc.), the previous year's refund was applied to the current year, or you have credit carryovers. Use the worksheet to see if you must make a payment.

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Utah Form TC-804
Utah Form TC-804 2013

Utah Individual Income Tax Payment Agreement Request

This form is submitted by individuals, who were unable to pay the full amount that is owed, on their income tax return, and they are asking for a monthly payment option. In most cases, Utah Form TC-804 allows individuals to defer payment for up to 24 months.

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Utah Form TC-8453
Utah Form TC-8453 2011

Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing

Utah Form TC-8453, also known as the Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing, must be filed if an individual has submitted a Utah-only electronic return and at the same time did not submit a federal return, or if an individual did not include a federal PIN when filing electronically.

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Utah Tax Forms Mailing Addresses

Here are the mailing addresses available for Utah. Please note that some specific forms might have a different addresses. Please check the Form's instructions before using any addresses listed here.


General Address
Ogden, 2540 Washington Blvd., 6th Floor
Provo, 150 E Center St. #1300
Salt Lake City, 210 N 1950 W
Hurricane, 100 S 5300 W
Customer Service: 800-662-4335
Customer Service (Salt Lake Area): 801-297-2200
Income Tax Returns
Utah State Tax Commission
210 North 1950 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84134-0266
Income Tax Returns
(Refund Returns)

Utah State Tax Commission
210 North 1950 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84134-0260