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SC Form SC 1040 Tax Book
SC Form SC 1040 Tax Book 2018

South Carolina Individual Resident Income Tax Return (Tax Book)

This form is used by South Carolina residents and nonresidents to file their South Carolina tax return. Nonresidents who work in South Carolina will have to file Form SC 1040 together with Schedule NR.

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SC Form SC 1040TC
SC Form SC 1040TC 2018

South Carolina Tax Credits

Form SC 1040TC is the form needed by all South Carolina residents who worked in another state. This form is a supplemental form that should be filed with Form SC 1040. This form prevents South Carolina residents who work in other states from facing dual taxation on the income they earned from other states. Without filing Form SC 1040TC, residents who work in other states would be taxed by both South Carolina (the state of residency) and the other state (where the income was earned) on all income earned outside of South Carolina. Form SC 1040TC prevents dual taxation by issuing a South Carolina credit for all taxes paid to other states.

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SC Form SC 4868
SC Form SC 4868 2018

Application for Extension to File South Carolina Individual Income Tax Return

The SC 4868 form is used for South Carolina residents who seek an extension of the filing deadline for their state income tax returns. Successfully filing the SC 4868 automatically allows South Carolina residents a six month extension to file their SC 1040 state income tax returns.

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SC Form SC1040
SC Form SC1040 2018

South Carolina Individual Resident Income Tax Return (Long)

As a resident, you can use Form SC1040, the long version of the South Carolina Individual Resident Income Tax Return, to file your South Carolina tax return. Part-year residents can either file Form SC1040 like any resident and file Form-1040TC to get credit for income made out of state, or they can choose to file Form-1040 and include Schedule NR. Nonresidents also have to file Form-1040 and Schedule NR.

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SC Form SC1040X
SC Form SC1040X 2018

South Carolina Amended Individual Income Tax Return

South Carolina Form SC1040X is a tax return document for residents who need to amend their previous return. Also known as the amended individual tax return form, it is used to correct any errors in income, reimbursements or tax credits on a number of other South Carolina SC 1040 tax documents. When filling out your SC1040X form, you will be given the chance to explain why you are making an amendment in your tax return.

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SC Schedule NR
SC Schedule NR 2018

South Carolina Non-resident Schedule (Attach to SC 1040)

Schedule NR is schedule all South Carolina nonresidents need to file to complete their South Carolina tax returns. Schedule NR is a supplemental form to Form SC 1040, however it must be in all nonresident returns.

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SC Tax Book
SC Tax Book 2018

SC1040 Individual Income Tax Form and Instructions (Tax Book)

The South Individual Income Tax Book contains all the forms, schedules, and instructions you need to file a South Carolina return. This is the best spot to start at if you are going to file a South Carolina return.

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SC Tax Booklet
SC Tax Booklet 2018

South Carolina Tax Booklet

The South Carolina tax booklet is a guide for state residents on how to file their state income taxes. The guide features step-by-step instructions on how to file by mail or e-file your state taxes. In addition, the booklet features information on every type of state tax form as well as areas where filers commonly make mistake.

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South Carolina Tax Forms Mailing Addresses

Here are the mailing addresses available for South Carolina. Please note that some specific forms might have a different addresses. Please check the Form's instructions before using any addresses listed here.


Income Tax Returns
(No Payment)

Long Form Processing Center
PO Box 101100
Columbia, SC 29211-0100
Income Tax Returns
(Payment Enclosed)

Taxable Processing Center
PO Box 101105
Columbia, SC 29211-0105