Pennsylvania Tax Forms 2019

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PA Form PA-40
PA Form PA-40 2018

Pennsylvania Income Tax Return

Form PA-40 is an income tax return document that is to be filed by residents of the state of Pennsylvania. The form features space for you to declare your annual income, any investments or owned property, your marital status and if you have any dependents. The PA-40 also has an area for you to donate any of your tax return to state assistance programs.

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PA Schedule PA-40X
PA Schedule PA-40X 2018

Pennsylvania Schedule PA-40X - Amended

Schedule PA-40X is a tax document for residents of the state of Pennsylvania who need to amend information on their original state income tax returns. It is needed to report any increases or decreases in your income, as well as any unreimbursed business expenses or deductions that went unreported on your original tax return.

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PA Tax Booklet
PA Tax Booklet 2018

Pennsylvania Personal Income Tax Return Booklet

The Pennsylvania tax booklet is a guide for state residents on how to file their state income taxes. The guide features step-by-step instructions on how to file by mail or e-file your state taxes. In addition, the booklet features information on every type of state tax form as well as areas where filers commonly make mistake.

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Pennsylvania Form PA-8453
Pennsylvania Form PA-8453 2018

Pennsylvania Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing

This form must be completed and stored for a period of three years if an individual chooses not to use a federal PIN, or if he or she does not include a federal return when filing an individual income tax return. Pennsylvania Form PA-8453 must be made available to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue if such a request is made.

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Pennsylvania Form Rev-276
Pennsylvania Form Rev-276 2018

Pennsylvania Application for Extension to File

The Rev-276 form is used for Pennsylvania residents who seek an extension of the filing deadline for their state income tax returns. Successfully filing the Rev-276 automatically allows Pennsylvania residents a six month extension to file their PA-40 state income tax returns.

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Pennsylvania Schedule C (Form 1040)
Pennsylvania Schedule C (Form 1040) 2018

Profit or Loss From Business

This form is used by self-employed individuals in Pennsylvania to declare any profits or losses that are tied to a business or profession. Individuals may file PA Schedule C-EZ instead of Pennsylvania Schedule C if their business totaled expenses less than or equal to $5,000.

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Pennsylvania Schedule G
Pennsylvania Schedule G 2015

Pennsylvania Credit for Tax Paid To Other States

Schedule G is the supplemental form that is required to prevent dual taxation on income earned in other states by Pennsylvania residents who work in other states. This form is a supplemental form that should be filed with Form PA-40. Without filing Schedule G income earned in other would face dual taxation from Pennsylvania (the state of residency) and the other state (in which income was earned).

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Schedule D (Form 1040)
Schedule D (Form 1040) 2015

Capital Gains and Losses

Individuals, who realized any gains or losses on the sale or exchange of any real, personal or intangible property that is taxable under Pennsylvania law, must submit this form. Pennsylvania Schedule D must be filed separately by an individual and his or her spouse if the gains or losses were not generated on a joint basis.

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PA Schedule A/B
PA Schedule A/B 2013

Pennsylvania Interest and Dividend Income, Income from Estates and Trusts

This form must be submitted by individuals in Pennsylvania only if their total taxable interest or dividend income is greater than $2,500. Pennsylvania Schedule A/B must be filed separately by an individual and his or her spouse if the income is not earned on a joint basis.

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Pennsylvania Tax Forms Mailing Addresses

Here are the mailing addresses available for Pennsylvania. Please note that some specific forms might have a different addresses. Please check the Form's instructions before using any addresses listed here.


Income tax Extensions of Time to File
Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
Bureau of Individual Taxes
PO Box 280504
Harrisburg, PA 17128-0504
Income Tax Returns
(No Payment and No Refund)

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
No Payment/No Refund
2 Revenue Place
Harrisburg, PA 17129-0002
Income Tax Returns
(Payment Enclosed)

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
Payment Enclosed
1 Revenue Place
Harrisburg, PA 17129-0001
Income Tax Returns
(Refund Requested)

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
Refund/Credit Requested
3 Revenua Place
Harrisburg, PA 17129-0003