Maine Tax Forms 2019

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Maine Form 1040EXT-ME
Maine Form 1040EXT-ME 2018

Maine Payment Voucher For Those Who Elect to Have An Extension to File

Form 1040EXT-ME may be used by taxpayers to file their Maine income tax. The Maine Form 1040EXT-ME must be mailed with a check or money order payable to Treasurer, State of Maine. Form 1040EXT-ME must not be stapled, cut, detached or photocopied.

Maine Form 1040ME
Maine Form 1040ME 2018

Maine Amended Individual Income Tax Return

Maine Form 1040ME is a tax return document for taxpayers who need to amend their previous return. Also known as the amended individual tax return form, it is used to correct any errors in income, reimbursements or tax credits on a number of other Maine 1040S-ME tax documents. When filling out your 1040ME form, you will be given the chance to explain why you are making an amendment in your tax return.

Maine Schedule CP
Maine Schedule CP 2018

Maine Voluntary Contributions and Park Pass Purchases Schedule

Schedule CP may be used only if the taxpayer wants to make voluntary charitable donations to one of the organizations listed on the form. Maine Schedule CP can also be used to acquire a park pass to access any of the State Parks in Maine.

Maine Schedule NRH
Maine Schedule NRH 2018

Maine Non-resident (Married Filing Separately) Tax Calculation Schedule

Schedule NRH is a supplemental form to Form 1040ME. This form allows non-resident and part-year residents who are married and are filing separately to disclose income that should not be taxed by Maine. Such income must meet two requirements (1) it was earned outside of Maine and (2) the person who earned the income was not a resident of Maine when they earned the income. Please note that Schedule NRH should only be used by taxpayers who are married and are filing separately as all other taxpayers will need to use Schedule NR instead.

Maine Tax Booklet
Maine Tax Booklet 2018

Maine Individual Income Tax Booklet for 1040ME

The Maine tax booklet is a guide for state individuals on how to file their state income taxes. The guide features step-by-step instructions on how to file by mail or e-file your state taxes. In addition, the booklet features information on every type of state tax form as well as areas where filers commonly make mistake.

Maine Schedule 3 and A
Maine Schedule 3 and A 2013

Maine Adjustments To Tax

Schedule 3 and Schedule A allows Maine residents who work in other state and who earn income in those other states you to avoid dual taxation. This is because typically such income would be taxed by Maine. This is because Maine taxes all taxable income its residents make regardless of origin. However the state in which you earned the income might also tax the income. To avoid this situation and having this income face dual taxation Maine offers a tax credit to its residents for taxes paid to other jurisdictions. To qualify for this credit calculate the size of credit with Schedule 3 (attached below), and then enter this amount on Schedule A (attached below) and on the tax credit section of page 1 of Form-1040ME.

Maine Form 1040S-ME
Maine Form 1040S-ME 2011

Maine Individual Income Tax Return (Short)

Form 1040S is the short version of Form 1040ME. Form 1040S and Form 1040ME are the two forms that are required to file Maine tax returns, regardless of your residency status or job location. The difference is that Form 1040S has requirements that taxpayers must meet in order to use it to file their Maine tax return, unlike with Form 1040ME. If you do not meet the requirements for Form 1040S you will need to file with Form 1040ME. The requirements can be found in the Form 1040S instructions.

Maine Schedule 1 and 2
Maine Schedule 1 and 2 2011

Maine Income Modifications and Itemized/Pension Income Deduction Schedules

Schedule 1 and 2 may be used by taxpayers to file their income modifications or itemize deductions. To file Maine Schedule 1 and 2, the taxpayer will need additional forms such as Form 1040ME, federal Schedule K-1 and federal Form 1040.

Maine Tax Forms Mailing Addresses

Here are the mailing addresses available for Maine. Please note that some specific forms might have a different addresses. Please check the Form's instructions before using any addresses listed here.


General Address
Maine Revenue Services
P.O. Box 9107M
Augusta, ME 04332-9107
Income Tax Return
(No Payment)

Maine Revenue Services
P.O. Box 1066
Augusta, ME 04332-1066
Income Tax Return
(Payment Enclosed)

Maine Revenue Services
P.O. Box 1067
Augusta, ME 04332-1067