Idaho Tax Forms 2019

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Idaho Form 39R
Idaho Form 39R 2018

Idaho Supplemental Schedule

Form-39R is a supplemental form to Idaho's Form-40. This means it is not a mandatory form to file, and if filed should be attached to a filled out Form-40. Form-39R allows Idaho residents to declare income that was earned as compensation for a job they worked outside of the state of Idaho. Idaho does not tax income that was earned outside of it. Thus by filing this form Idaho residents who worked outside the state of Idaho will avoid dual taxation, getting taxed twice first by Idaho (their state of residency) and second by the state they earned the income in, on their income.

Idaho Form 40
Idaho Form 40 2018

Idaho Individual Resident Income Tax Return

Use Idaho Form 40 if you are a resident of Idaho and need to file your income tax return or amend a tax return. If you are a nonresident, part-year resident or nonresident alien for federal purposes and are required to file an income tax return for Idaho, use Form 43.

Idaho Form 43
Idaho Form 43 2018

Idaho Part-Year Resident & Non-resident Income Tax Return

Form -43 is the form all Idaho part-year and non-residents need to file their Idaho tax returns with. Thus, although Form-43 may be supplemented by additional forms or schedules, it is required in all Idaho part-year and non-resident tax returns.

Idaho Form 49ER
Idaho Form 49ER 2018

Idaho Recapture of Qualified Investment Exemption From Property Tax

Form 49ER may be used by taxpayers who need to file a recapture on assets on which they claimed a property tax exemption. Idaho Form 49ER must be filed and mailed together with the income tax return form.

Idaho Form 51
Idaho Form 51 2018

Idaho Estimated Payment of Individual Income Tax

Idaho taxpayers, who did not file their Idaho tax returns by April 15th, will be granted an automatic extension of six months without a written request. In order to qualify for this automatic extension, taxpayers will have to file their Idaho income tax returns by October 15th.

Each taxpayer will need to keep in mind that an extension of time to file a tax return does not grant an extension of time to pay taxes.

Please keep in mind that Idaho Form 51 must only be used when a taxpayer is making a payment.

Idaho Tax Booklet
Idaho Tax Booklet 2018

Idaho Individual Income Tax Booklet

The Idaho tax booklet is a guide for state individuals on how to file their state income taxes. The guide features step-by-step instructions on how to file by mail or e-file your state taxes. In addition, the booklet features information on every type of state tax form as well as areas where filers commonly make mistake.

Idaho Form 44
Idaho Form 44 2017

Idaho Business Income Tax Credits and Credit Recapture

Form 44 can only be filed by businesses that want to claim income tax credits or by businesses that need to pay any taxes associated to the recapture of income tax credits. To file Idaho Form 44 you may need additional information from Form 49, Form 55, Form 67, Form 68, Form 69, Form 83, Form 84, Form 85, Form 71, Form 68R, Form 83R, Form 84R, Form 85R or Form 71R. For more information, please read the instructions that are provided with the form.

Idaho Form 75
Idaho Form 75 2015

Idaho Fuel Tax Refund Worksheet

Form 75 can be filed by any individual or entity who purchased more than 50 gallons of tax-paid gasoline or any other special fuel (biodiesel, diesel, propane, blends, or natural gas) and have used the fuel for nontaxable purposes. In order to be eligible for a refund, you will need to conserve all required records which support your fuels tax refund.

Idaho Tax Forms Mailing Addresses

Here are the mailing addresses available for Idaho. Please note that some specific forms might have a different addresses. Please check the Form's instructions before using any addresses listed here.


General Address
Idaho State Tax Commission
800 Park Blvd Plaza IV
Boise, ID 83712-7742
Tax Return
Idaho State Tax Commission
PO Box 56
Boise, ID 83756-0056