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H&R Block at Home

The average cost of paying a tax professional to prepare a state income tax return was $129, but sometimes more than $200 for complicated taxes. Many Americans are switching to free efiling because it’s cheaper, easier and puts the power back in your hands. Join the millions of Americans who file their own taxes and get the most out of their returns without paying an accountant.

TurboTax Review

In 2019, over 31% of United States citizens (more than 100 million people) filed their taxes electronically. This number increased by more than 15% in the last few years, and it’s likely to continue rising. Here’s a another number for you: $129. That’s the average Americans spend annually to have their taxes readied for Uncle Sam. And that’s for simple taxes. If you have a mortgage or children, that number can rise above $200.

TaxAct Review

The average American spends $129 every year to have their tax returns prepared. If you’re filing taxes more complicated than average, you’re on track to pay $200+. A third of Americans have turned to online tax software. It makes life easier and saves money. The number of citizens who’ve taken taxes in their own hands continues to increase. Don’t miss the bus!