The TAS is there for you!

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The Taxpayer Advocate Service is a self-sufficient part of the IRS, wholly there to assist taxpayers when necessary. Because the TAS is in no way managed by the IRS, they have the unique opportunity to lend a hand to you when you need one. If you’ve got the IRS blues, give the TAS a try. Thousands of people just like you are helped annually.

What is the TAS exactly?

In 1979, the TAS was created in order to be the main service for taxpayers within the IRS. The people at TAS have the authority to deliver a Taxpayer Assistance Order if they believe there are issues with the manner in which the IRS enforces their laws. A Taxpayer Assistance Order postpones or suspends an action (Lien or Levy). Sound like a big business you actually want on your side for once, huh?

But wait, there’s more! The TAS doesn’t just check and balance the IRS, but has other tasks as well. For example, every taxpayer is familiar with those stubborn issues which continue to pop up time and time again. TAS not only identifies those problems, but rectifies them as well. If people continue to have trouble with the length of due process, for instance, TAS will find out why. TAS has the power to modify the IRS from within as well. If things aren’t running smoothly, they can remedy that.

Who benefits from the TAS?

Are you bracing yourself for economic hardship? Is it the IRS’ fault? TAS can help you. Does the IRS continue to miss important deadlines in your case? TAS can lend a hand. Is the IRS taking longer than a 30 day timeframe to fix a tax problem of yours? TAS is there for you. Collecting a mountain of fees from attorney fees? TAS is there for you. In a nutshell, if you are experiencing devastating economic hardship and it is the IRS’ fault, TAS is an organization you can count on.

So how does TAS help out?

TAS doesn’t cost a dime and is totally confidential. It caters to businesses and individuals, and supplies particular services based on your unique tax problem. TAS advocates are extremely familiar with the tax code and know exactly how to offer assistance. They don’t just work behind closed doors either; they will let you be an active part of the team and help you understand what went wrong.

There is at least one TAS in every state. To date, the group has 2,000 people working for them including 1,400 advocates. After you are assigned an advocate and receive their contact information, the same one will remain with you all the way through your case. Once you obtain progress updates and impartial reviews, your personal advocate will give you advice on how to steer clear of future problems with the IRS.

Need Help? Call (Form) 911

Of the several ways of contacting TAS advocates, the simplest one is to file Form 911, or the Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance. It is a simple job and it only takes a few minutes.




You begin by entering your name, social security number (if you file together with your spouse, enter his or her data as well), address, city, state, zip code, fax number and e-mail address. On Line 5, enter the type of form that you used to file your tax return and the tax year which you are referencing goes on Line 7.




On Line 8, enter the name of the person that the TAS should contact. On Line 9a, enter the daytime phone number and suggest the best time to call on Line 10. You can warn the TAS representative if you have any special communication requests (for example, the presence of an interpreter) on Line 9b.




Now it’s time to provide some details about your problem – on Line 12b tell them what kind of help you would like from the TAS. It’s also important to be clear and include an additional sheet if you have to. If necessary, practice first on another piece of paper, because more useful if you express the problem as clearly and concisely as possible. You can add another sheet if that space is not enough.

That’s about it, now you just have to sign, date the form, and ask your accountant, if you want him or her to deal with the IRS for you, to fill in their identification data on Section 2. Don’t worry about Section 3; it is designated for the IRS.

Why is the TAS a Good Choice?

As with anything that works really well, it’s not always easy to get access to it. Why not? The TAS is not really advertised, so many people don’t even know it exists. The truth is the Taxpayer Advocate Service is there, it is easy to contact them and the result is usually quick and accurate. If you need help with your taxes, you should definitely give it a try.